Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!! I’m so excited to be starting off this journey!! My name is George (Blue) Galanos (Galanos means blue in Greek), and I’m a blues rock songwriter, guitarist and singer.

I’m a blues man in real life, for I quit the city life and a career in pharmaceutics and returned to my hometown, to the Delta of river Eurotas (southern part of  mainland Greece ), and became a farmer!!! I have a blues rock trio band based in Athens, called George Blue Galanos and the Indigos, and we’re making our first full length album as we speak. (I already have released a four song EP and two singles).

In my blog I’ll be sharing moments from my everyday life, farming, the process of making songs in my home studio, I’ll be playing and singing for you and revealing facts and secrets about my songs and inspirations.

I’ll also be writing articles about stuff like my favorite artists, reviewing albums that I like by artists that you may have not heard of, reviewing gear for guitar, vocals or recording, creating polls and contests for you, but also interviews of some incredible musicians, writers and artists of many genres.

Finally, I’ll be making videos about singing, addressing problems of the voice and how they can be solved, secrets of singing, exercises based on the SSL method, a method that I have been taught by Singing Success Academy coaches, guitar licks (not only of the blues style), how-to-play famous licks and songs, how-to-play my own licks, songs and solos, and generally stuff about performance.

Of course, whatever else might come along the way, because everything in life is an evolving path that can’t be foretold!!

So hop on, we’re gonna have fun and we’re definitely gonna rock and roll!!!!


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