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Escaping the heatwave in Kosmas, Arcadia Greece in June 30th 2020


So on Tuesday afternoon, I decided, along with my fiance, Alkioni, to flee to the mountains!! Her family owns a house in Kosmas of Arcadia, which is 1100m above sea level, settled on the mighty mountain of Parnonas. It was 38 degrees Celsius when we left our home, arriving to a cooling 24 degrees with very little humidity. A pure Heaven!!

View from the house

I am of Arcadian descendence from my mother’s side, and Alkioni has spent all her childhood summers over there, so we literally feel like we belong. The place has a raw but refined energy, and the air is so thin and clear.

There are two cherry trees, an apple tree and a pear tree in the garden. The cherries were ripe and as soon as we got settled, I started eating from the tree!!


As some of you might already know, a couple of months ago we found a little stray female puppy in one of my tangerine fields, and we decided to keep it and take care of it. We called her Mimmo, and she has grown a lot since then into a healthy and what else, mischevious little dog!! Nedless to say, she had a blast!!! She had a whole big garden to herself and she played her heart out!!

We ate at some of the local taverns, drank beer and tsipouro (best greek alcoholic drink), gazed at the mesmerizing view, and relaxed.

Alkioni and Mimmo in the square talking a stroll

We met with friends, we took walks in the nature of Parnonas, and we slept a lot!! Nothing better and more recharging than sleeping on a mountain.

Of course I took my guitar with me and found lots of time to practice some great licks!!

Here’s a sum-up of our 3 days in Kosmas. I’ll be posting more stuff about my everyday life, so keep in tune!!


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