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"Everything is better with a beard" is out!! Listen to it in my "Music" section!!

Incredible review on "The Blues" describing me as "A musical phenomenon"!! Read it here:

May 16th, 2019: "The Blues" is out!! Listen to it in my "Music" section!!

April 15, 2019: Again, featured artist for a second week in a row on Reverb Nation, for my song "Nataly" this time!! Again it also scored a 7,6 in Crowd Reviews!! 

April 8, 2019: I'm being featured artist for a whole week on Reverb Nation!! Crowd Reviews from all over the world gave "I'm dead inside" a score of 7,6 and landed me on the spotlight!

January 2019: I received notice that "I'm dead inside" made it in the Ultimate Playlist of Songdew!! Songdew is a huge music network based in India, featuring over 25000 artists and bands from all over the world. You could call this a big achievement and a great way to start the new year!! 

Just a little short of three months after the EP's release, "I'm dead inside" won a High Commendation in respected international UK Songwriting Contest 2018!! What a better way to end this amazing year for me!!

Fantastic review from Italian TunedLoud magazine: 

George Blue Galanos is an emerging blues-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist from Greece. Born in Sparta, he boasts of leaving a career in pharmaceutics and returning to his homeland to become a farmer, in order to have more time and peace of mind for his musical pursuits and to enjoy life to the full. Galanos had collected two decades of experience before going solo, having played in rock clubs around Athens and Thessaloniki with numerous bands. His sound is consolidated by full analog production, using classic gear of the 70s and 80s, while attempting to translate a live feel to his songs. George Blue Galanos is currently promoting his 4 track self-titled EP. 

Galanos has it all in this work – blues, rock, ballad, and good story lines. What doesn’t this master of his guitar, and great backup music have going for him and his writing? This is one of those works you may put on, and play again and again, while on your way to work, back home, or just travelling. 

George Blue Galanos created an all-original EP that rewards listeners with a wealth of exciting music that explores and expands his status as a composer and performer. Right from the opening track, “I’m Dead Inside”, Galanos comes out swinging with crunching guitar riffs and scorching solos. 

But vocally, his singing is full-throated and nuanced, and capable of delivering soaring choruses. The backing music hugs every riff, chord and beat, while adding their respective nuances in just the right places. Galanos burns bright and hot as he demonstrates his guitar-slinger chops, borrowing from the lexicons of blues and rock. 

“Indigo” immediately struck me as the song which most represents what might be considered that classic rock sound. A driving guitar riff, powered by a steadily pulsing rhythm section over which Galanos wails and barks intensely until we reach the patented barn-burner solos and full-blooded shredding. 

There is a willingness to innovate and explore that gives this recording its contemporary currency. There’s no room for complacency, cliché or recycled riffs as the essential meeting of polished songs and a seasoned production pushes Galanos to dizzying artistic heights. 

“Nataly” shows us George Blue Galanos as a deeply expressive songwriter, aggressive and sensitive guitarist, and full-fledged vocalist. Galanos explores his own version of nouveau blues based on the perfect equilibrium of organic instrumentation framed by focused production and a deft arrangement.

 This allows enough room for his sparkling guitar work to satisfy true fans of the instrument. Michael Skarakis’ mixing, production, and attention to sonic detail pays rich dividends and pushes Galanos to his best vocal performance of this recording. 

“People Just Don’t Give A Damn” sounds like a powder keg ready to explode any minute, right from the start. The song immediately sees George Blue Galanos taking control of both guitars and vocals, in a rock song with bridges and choruses cleverly written and arranged. A catchy tune that would surely attract a lot of rock radio airplay. 

Galanos’ guitar riffs are genuine killers, reinstating once again on this closing track, the Greek-born artist’s immense class as a guitarist. George Blue Galanos has completely achieved the artistic goal of balancing the roots of the blues tradition with rock’s powerhouse riffs and rhythms, without betraying any artistic honesty and integrity. 

This self-titled EP is the showcase of Galanos’ solo career so far on many levels, as a guitarist, a singer and as a songwriter. A musical jewel and a statement of sheer talent that will make inroads into the industry and impress audiences worldwide.

Crazy review from Divide and Conquer:

With a name like George Blue Galanos it’s fairly obvious this artist is from Greece. He released a four-song self-titled EP. His music is heavy hitting blues. It’s like blues played in the style of hard rock. He mentions artists like Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, Dave Meniketti, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Slash and Jimi Hendrix which all make sense when you listen to his music. 

The EP starts with “I’m Dead Inside” and out of the gate it demands your attention. I suppose a song that starts with a guitar solo has my respect. The verse is a little more subdued with organ and plenty of lead guitar. Once the chorus comes there is no lack of distortion and intensity. A little after the three-minute mark the song gets somewhat hilariously intense. I mean it’s pretty cool and all but the intensity is raised to twelve. Yeah two whole degrees above ten. 

“Indigo” feels like a calming bath. I’m just kidding. The song rocks pretty hard as he sings about being some kind of demon spawn that is way too cool to hang out with your crew on a Friday night. Galanos sings, “I can't tolerate stupidity I won't be bossed around I can't fit in any group Or any given crowd Indigo means I come from hell My mind is a burning fire I feel a power within me A blazing electric wire I'm an indigo child I got the devil in my eye.” 

“Nataly” starts off relatively chill with the flavor of a more chill song by B.B. King. This doesn't last too long however as Galanos starts to introduce distortion and intense lead work. The song just keep climbing more crescendos until I was dizzy and passed out from pure exhaustion. 

Last but not least is “People Just Don't Give A Damn.” I couldn’t agree more. Galanos might have his catchiest moments on this song. I loved the hook. Galanos tells his boss he can take a long work week and shove it. He sings, “Work all day, got no time for private life We call it a career Making money That you got no time to spend For all this I just don't give a damn.” 

​The production and songwriting is top notch on these four songs. I would totally love to see these songs live one day if not for the apprehension I would be paralyzed from the pure intensity of the music.



Amazing review from  Sleeping Bag Studios about "I'm dead inside":

 BOLD Blues-Rock from solo-artist George Blue Galanos on his new single “I’m Dead Inside” – dude’s diving deep into the pain, soul, and musicianship that have served the genre so faithfully over the years.  I think what people will really love about George’s approach is the sincere raw edge you’ll find in his vocals & instrumentation…a noticeable power & enhanced aggression add even more gripping emotion to the way he plays & sings his latest jam.  First thoughts that came to my mind when I started listening to “I’m Dead Inside” were about just how true to the tone & sound of real Blues-Rock this man can be – it was almost like listening to a Gary Moore track, but with a much more present intensity & raging passion the music.  In a genre that’s classically built upon moves that have been previously made, it’s the subtle differences & changes like this – or perhaps not-so-subtle in George’s case – that really make things stand out to us.  Blues-Rock can often pair a great singer with a song that doesn’t quite have as much bite as the vocals do – and I think that’s what people are going to love about Galanos – he’s gifted in both areas and a competent, capable, & wildly talented musician with excellent balance in his abilities & overall sound.

You’ll hear that skill immediately…that connection George has with his guitar shines radiantly through the way he plays and the immaculate tones he gets from this killer cut too.  With a backing band stocked with ace-talent playing with him, the drums from Stelios Pavlou make a huge impact with his precision, the Hammond organ from Asterios Papastamatakis is an essential part of building the most epic parts of the song’s structure, and the bass from Marcin Palider keeps the rhythm-section supplied with grooves.  Combined, they all move together perfectly as a unit as they shift & transition through “I’m Dead Inside” and prove they can stop & start on a dime, bringing the dynamics of this single straight to the surface in the process for all to hear.  The main star of the show remains firmly in the spotlight and confidently leads the way to success on this single, lighting up the fretboard with his fingers on hot solos that show George’s impressively sharp skills and smart instincts for what to play & when to play it.  The mix of energy in the music from its smooth & chill glide through the verse works brilliantly with the amped-up edge and vibrant distortion of the chorus – and you’ll find that George is equally well-suited to both of these main parts of the song as a vocalist as well.  He’s got a great understanding of when to pull the switch and surge into the searing pain of the Blues, but certainly also of how to wield its true power.  He’s set himself up for BIG moments that pay off throughout this song – you’ll find’em in the verse, definitely on the way into the chorus, and then the chorus itself is basically built of massive moments; in contrast, those moments where he exits those epic spots of “I’m Dead Inside” and reverts back to the down-tempo melancholy chill become just as memorable & powerful – like I said, great balance here.  

ALL that being said…I mean, c’mon…when this guy goes for that first main solo just past the three-minute mark, that should drop your jaw to the GROUND and you should be in complete awe for the sixty-or-so seconds to follow as George reveals just how great he truly is when it comes to his musicianship and instrumentation.  Love the way the music gets as intense as the emotions of the lyrics, and I love the way this man plays, straight-up, full-stop; you can see it onscreen in the video for “I’m Dead Inside” – watch the way he moves and how sure he is…the man knows his way around a guitar inside & out for sure and has an excellent touch & feel for the style of music he’s chosen to play.  If you’ve ever spent time with the guitar gods of this planet, you already know it’s a mixed-bag when it comes to how many of them can confidently take to the mic as well as they do their instrument – the fact that George can do both so capably will take his music a long way.  There’s no doubt that it’s going to be those incredible guitar solos that stand out the most to people, because they are seriously amazing and really do show the technique that George has right there onscreen in the video – and you musicians out there will certainly be able to hear it in the way he plays without question.  All I’m saying is give the man some credit where credit is due – he’s miles ahead on the microphone already compared to half the guitarists out there and his bold soulful approach to Blues-Rock has genuine identity & style.  



Another awesome review from Stereo Stickman:


George Blue Galanos has a name and an aura that are clearly inherently connected to the blues and blues rock in a brilliantly authentic way. This EP collection of four original songs introduces his sound and his approach to creativity in a bold and powerful way – emotional, musically impressive, structurally artistic, and overall a real pleasure to stumble upon. 

I’m Dead Inside as an opener offers close to six minutes of blues-rock energy – angst, volume, quiet, calm, all expressive and intermittent; feeling a like a journey in itself through the trials and tribulations of the story-line. Galanos’ voice has a heavy tone but leans back and forth between the gentle and the mighty – depending on what the moment needs. His use of contrast in the writing and in the performance is second to none – the impact is intense thanks to those quieter, classic blues verses and the full-throttle weight and distortion of the hook. 

What you also get throughout this album is to witness a guitarist at the height of his abilities and passion. George Blue Galanos can play for days, in any setting and on any level. 

The song Indigo is one that drives with a little more of that hard-hitting, distorted energy – the riffs are simpler, the lyrics stand tall during the verses, laying out the story in a captivating way – then as things evolve, the guitar work follows its own uninhibited pathway and fills the silence with some immense melodic exploration. There’s a rock and roll feel to this track that carries it well – a live show would be superb. 

Nataly drives with a gentler ambiance, feeling a little Hendrix-like initially – an entrancing, delicate Little Wing mood emerges. Galanos ties his vocal melody to the guitar riff, and the space surrounding this means your focus follows the notes and the words intently. The later drop showcases yet another thoughtfully crafted, structurally effective soundscape. 

In among all of this musical majesty, Galanos pours his personal turmoil and truth into his writing. Rarely do you get such a musically compelling act who simultaneously hold nothing back in their songwriting. You get all of the artist on this EP, and that makes the music even more valuable and easy to connect with. 

Adding further fuel to the fire is the final song on the project, People Just Don’t Give A Damn – a song that feels like an absolute anthem; the sort that would bring a live audience together for the energetic peak of a live show. A touch of harmonica throws a little more colour into the mix. Rhythmically this is another upbeat and infectious piece of music and performance – the paired vocals add to that sense of togetherness and help end the playlist on a high. The concept gets you thinking a little more deeply on life, on the world and your role within it – the music makes you feel OK about doing that; it’s not overwhelming, it’s invigorating. 

George Blue Galanos offers a fine mix of stunning guitar playing, creativity, considerate writing, and almighty blues-rock rhythms. His voice is also loaded with character, so the more you hear of his work, the more you recognise and relate to the sound. 

Download the EP via Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow George Blue Galanos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud or visit his Website.



A fantastic review from  A&R Factory about "I'm dead inside":


Posted on 18th November 2018 

If you have a penchant for the snaking rhythms of Blues Rock and the raucous energy of Classic Rock, George Blue Galanos’ latest single “I’m Dead Inside” is an essential hit for your playlists. Alongside his fretboard mastery which joins the rich and harmonious melody to I’m Dead Inside, George’s vocals will leave you a little in awe. With his vocals veering more towards the Rock genre, there really is no understating how arresting the potent capabilities of his vocal capacity are. His soaring guitar riffs and breakdowns left my stomach in knots more than once during the progressively fluid duration of the slightly extended track. What more do I need to get you to say on this soulfully inspired, resonantly existential offering of thrashing aural decadence?


 Second great review from Come Here Floyd:

 "GEORGE BLUE GALANOS is a rocker from Greece. Blues based, and hard-rock crazed, the chops roll off of this artist like the clouds off of the peaks of Mount Everest. Most of all, the attitude in George’s single is palpable and real – he wants his music and his ambitions to be known. The guitar techniques are sound, but his entertainment essence is better valued. Quote: “To rock the world! To testify his own blood and guts, conjure the demons that haunt his spirit, to play rock ‘n’ roll till his last breath. Ultimately, to have a great time doing so!” How can you not like that. Kudos, George. Kudos. Rock on!"


Check out a great review the EP got from Its Not Records: 

"New blues hard rocker hailing from Greece is George Blue Galanos, a skilled guitarist and songwriter with an affinity for writing epic bluesy hard rock hooks.  Virtuoso guitar set on the Mediterranean featuring a strong and pained voice.  Stand outs from the new EP are “I’m Dead Inside” and “Indigo” though the whole EP is worth your time if you’re  a freak for intense guitar licks and powerful walls of guitar.  This is a strong debut and I’m looking forward to what comes next from George Blue Galanos."



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